• Sticky Blame Posterous for my Absence

    I have kept a dead silence on this site because of the changing nature of the various platforms used for blogging and interacting.

    You will notice that it's been long since I last posted and for all that, blame

  • Mpulungu & Chilanga: The results are in

    It's looking like the MMD have carried the Mpulungu parliamentary seat whereas the UPND or the Pact, has carried Chilanga.

    Former Finance minister Ng;andu Magande has told the MMD that the loss in Chilanga is 'a wake-up call'

  • Making Commenting Easy with Facebook Connect

    Happy New Year to all of you fellow readers.

    Due to the large numbers of Facebook users, I thought it would not be a bad idea to try a Facebook Widget that allows you to log-in with your Facebook credentials and make comments on my site.

    Good luck!

  • Neel Kashkari goes to Pimco, Obama in Copenhagen

    When you have so many activities happening at and around almost the same time, it becomes so difficult to catch up with events.

    Since we spoke, Neel Kashmari, the $700-billion-dollar man, has joined Pimco Investments, US President Barack Obama has been to Copenhagen and back (By the way, I wonder what the author of 'The Skeptical Environmentalist' told the president!)

    During one of my rounds online today, I just bumped into a Facebook wall post by high-flying journalist Christiane Amanpour in which is asks if the Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe is a hero and why.

    Her question:

    Zimbabwean Pres. Robert Mugabe depicts himself as an African hero battling imperialism and not responsible for his country's virtual economic collapse in this encore presentation. What do you think? Hero? A politician with reckless economic policies?

    I have argued in my comments, unregrettably, that the British have been 'adequately foolish' in Zimbabwe. They went on farming on the most fertile land, holding on to the largest tracts possible.

    Mugabe's greatest evil was to tell the British government that the locals needed to be part of the developments in Zimbabwe.

    The so-called 'willing buyer-willing seller policy' hit a snag as most of the immigrants were unwilling to share land holdings.

  • Boe Pumping 84 Billion Pounds As Recession Continues


    The Bank of England is said to be pumping some GBP84 billion into the UK. In an unusual act of quantitative easing, the 84 billion pound is being pumped into the economy via bond purchases.

    Bank of England governor Mervyn King says interest rates will remain at 0.5 per cent and says the bond purchase program will go to about 175 billion pounds

    The BoE follows in the footsteps of other European central banks that have intervened in their capital markets to ensure they remain effective and sustainable

  • The 'Cool' Clintons!


    It's getting chilly, especially in the evenings. Yet, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill, are keeping me busy with their slideshow

    Hope you would it



  • Manchester United Have a Historic Loss As Ronaldo Takes the Unusual Route

    Hello there,

    I could do with some confessing: I am not a soccer fan! But when I took a bit of time to watch the Manchester United-Barcelona game, I did not have an idea I was preparing for the worst nightmare in terms of unprofessional football.

    The first ten minutes of the the match looked promising for the indomitable 'Man U' as it is fondly known by adoring fans. But the worst was yet to come!

    After a sudden goal by an enthusiastic Samuel Eto'o, the only hope for desperate soccer fans was a vigorous second half in which Manchester United could come back 'fully blown' to face Barcelona.

    Miracles started to happen: Manchester United lost touch with their opponents; Lionel Messi headed Barcelona's second goal into the net.

    At this moment, I could see Sir Alex Ferguson, known for his gum-chewing, looking worried and concerned.

    Major news channels ranging from CNN to Sky News analysed the game in varying ways and from a different angle,with some calling on Sir Alex to 'bring in Tevez'. A Manchester fan at the Old Trafold had spoken of his team being 'down but not out.' But with a second goal for Barcelona, there was no way Manchester United could equalize within a short period of time. And it looked like the best time to accept defeat with honour.

    But not for Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo behaved like a typical villager from a small rural team in Cameroun. For him, that was a moment for canterkerous football. He kicked the ball and whoever came closer as if his teams defeat had anything to with Barcelona players.

    I do not know if Manchester United should recruit psychologists to deal with such madness, but the fact is that for a star of Ronaldo's stature, there is need to understand that he is a role model: Young men (and some women!) look to him for inspiration. It may not be in football alone but from a different angle and sphere of life.

    It is high time Cristiano Ronaldo put his act together for the benefit of his club, himself and indeed the world of soccer.

    It is embarrassing for such a young mad to exhibit such behaviour as if he cannot be disciplined.

  • The Goldman Conspiracies

    Hello there,

    Reports that Goldman Sachs have skipped one month from the recently submitted financial forecast will add to already growing feelings that accounting is most used by practitioners to cover frivolous criminal white collar activity.

    Financial Time's Alphaville reports that Goldman Sachs created 'orphan' months and other conspiracies to justify a healthy balance sheet.

    That is on the back of news that the elite investment bank is increasing bonuses to its staffs to help them maintain their high lifestyle.

    Goldman Sach's chief executive Lloyd Blankfein is now popular on Wall Street for making about 70 million dollars in 2007

    Intenational accounting rules under the IASB and other related regulatory bodies will take time to react to what Goldman Sachs has done because, after all, Goldman produces senior civil servants for the US Administration!!

  • Eastern Europe Countries Get World Bank Aid


    Central and Eastern European countries got their share of aid aimed and giving them a new lease of life amidst the credit crisis.

    Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania got over $31 billion dollars in aid packages from the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank.

    Stocks, bonds and currencies plunged as investors fled riskier assets. Latvia, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine and Balerus have already had their share of the bailout packages.

  • Stanford Group, Inc.,: A Mardoff-Like Scheme in the Making

    Hi there,

    As if the Mardoff scandal were not enough for the financial world, Stanford Group Inc., caught regulators and the world unawares.

    What started off as a simple mention of the group as a fraud by a guy called Alex Dalmady and caught the attention of the SEC, the FBI and several regulatory agencies.

    Stanley Group is believed to be a shell-like organization: It's investment strategies seem to go against established investment principles.

    According to its website: "We carefully consider asset classes, investment strategies, sectors, and regions of the world that most investors either don't have easy access to or rarely receive information about.

    That last bit caught everyone's attention. Little surprise Mr. Dalmady caught up with them and spread the word!


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